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Cabinet Refacing | Camp Hill | DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen

Cabinet Refacing for Your Camp Hill
Kitchen Remodeling Project

cabinet refacingDo you want to give your kitchen a makeover without completely replacing all of your cabinets? Cabinet replacement can be an expensive and time intensive venture. Luckily, there are several other ways to remodel your kitchen that don’t require removal of your cabinet boxes. If you’re happy with the current location and setup of your cabinets, you may want to consider cabinet refacing for your Camp Hill kitchen remodeling project. As with all home remodeling projects, there will be expenses, but cabinet refacing is a more budget friendly option that will take less time to complete. Here are several things you should know about cabinet refacing before discussing it with your professional contractor.

1. The Basics

You may be wondering what cabinet refacing even is. Basically, refacing is when a contractor replaces all of the door and drawer fronts on your cabinets. The cabinet boxes are unmoved and, for the most part, untouched during the kitchen or bathroom remodel. This is an easy way to change your kitchen’s appearance during your Camp Hill kitchen remodeling project.

2. Budget-Minded

Are you a budget-minded homeowner? If you like making the biggest impact on your home for the least amount of money, cabinet refacing is a really great option. It costs far less to reface your cabinets than it does to replace them during your kitchen remodeling project in Camp Hill.

3. Time Friendly

One of the biggest drawbacks to any kitchen remodeling project in Camp Hill is that it limits your use of the space until completed. Fortunately, cabinet refacing takes far less time than completely replacing your cabinet units. The work can generally be done in as little as three days. That means you can get back to cooking family dinners sooner.

Want to Talk to a Professional about Your Camp Hill Kitchen Remodeling Project?

Do you want to discuss cabinet refacing with a professional? Contact DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Elizabethtown today to receive help with your Camp Hill kitchen remodeling project. Visit our website to learn more and remember to ask about our free consultation offer when you call (717) 340–9330. We can’t wait to make your Camp Hill kitchen remodeling project a reality.

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