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How Long Will Your Elizabethtown Bathroom Remodeling Project Take?

Elizabethtown Bathroom RemodelingDo you have plans to begin an Elizabethtown bathroom remodeling project ? Before starting a home remodeling project, many homeowners are curious about how long the entire process will take. While this varies drastically from update to update, most bathroom renovations take about 23 days, or approximately four and a half weeks assuming your contractor doesn’t work weekends. This timeframe can shorten or lengthen depending on the work you expect done. To help with your planning process and timeline estimations, here’s some information about how long some of the most popular bathroom remodeling tasks typically take.

1. Demolition

Before a professional contractor can start your Elizabethtown bathroom remodeling project, he has to tear your old one apart. This generally takes two days, but can take longer if your bathroom is on the second story or inconveniently located in your home.

2. Plumbing

Rough-in plumbing for your Elizabethtown bathroom remodeling project may or may not be required. It depends on whether your designs require moving your tub, sink, or toilet. Keep this in mind if you’re planning a kitchen upgrade as well.

3. Electrical

The same can be expected with electrical during your bathroom remodeling project in Elizabethtown. It is, however, rare for an electrician to take more than a day to complete the necessary work.

Looking for a Professional Contractor to Help with Your Elizabethtown Bathroom Remodeling Project?

Are you looking for a contractor to help with your bathroom remodeling project in Elizabethtown? A professional will be able to provide a rough estimation of the time it will take to complete your bathroom update. Contact DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Elizabethtown today to begin discussing the specifics of your project. Visit our website for more information or to schedule a free consultation. You can also call (717) 340–9330 to begin sharing the details of your Elizabethtown bathroom remodeling project.

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Elizabethtown Bathroom Remodeling

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