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Lititz Bathroom Remodeling Project | DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen

Pros and Cons of Marble for Your Lititz Bathroom Remodeling Project

Lititz bathroom remodelingIs it time to update one of the bathrooms in your home? Bathroom remodeling projects in Lititz can be as simple or involved as you want them to be. Even the most basic bathroom renovations, however, include plans to update the countertops. If you’re working with a contractor to design your bathroom, you’ll need to choose a new countertop material for your space. With so many options, it’s not always easy to identify the best one. One popular material among homeowners is marble. To help make home remodeling easier, here are several pros and cons regarding marble in your Lititz bathroom remodeling project.


When it comes to your Lititz bathroom remodeling project, a major pro to choosing marble is that it is classy and timeless. The appearance of this material can be breathtaking.

Marble is also heat resistant. This makes it ideal for bathrooms in which hair straighteners and curlers are used frequently, since you won’t have to worry about accidental scorch marks.


Unfortunately, marble is a porous material. This means that it can stain easily and isn’t always easy to wipe clean. It’s also a softer countertop material and can be scratched, making it less ideal for kitchen upgrades.

Another mark against marble for your Lititz bathroom remodeling project is that it will need to be resealed every one to two years, depending on wear. This required upkeep can be frustrating for some homeowners.

Interested in Marble Countertops for Your Lititz Bathroom Remodeling Project?

Are you interested in installing marble countertops during your bathroom remodeling project in Lititz? Contact DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Elizabethtown to get your update underway today. Visit our website for more information about our free consultation offer. You can also call (717) 340–9330 to begin your Lititz bathroom remodeling project today.

Lititz Bathroom Remodeling

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