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Selecting the Right Faucet for Your Manheim Kitchen Remodeling Project

Planning for kitchen remodeling can be a big deal, especially if it’s the first major renovation you’ve done in your home. There are a slew of things you’ll need to consider for this home remodeling project, from your countertop and cabinets to your floors and tiling. While these features are absolutely important, you’ve likely already spent a good deal amount of time considering your options. Something you may not have been thinking about, however, is your kitchen sink faucet. This may seem like a simple feature, but it can add or detract a lot from your overall kitchen design. Make sure you spend some time considering which faucet will look best with your Manheim kitchen remodeling project. Here are a number of options you can discuss with your professional contractor.

1. Center-Set Faucet

Center-set faucets are what most homeowners probably think about first. They require three holes for piping when installed, one for each of the two knobs and one for the water spout. These faucets come in a variety of designs, but all function the same way. It’s common to find this type of faucet used for both bathroom remodeling and kitchen remodeling projects in Manheim.

2. Single-Hole Faucet

Whereas center-set faucets require three holes for installation, single-hole faucets require only one. Generally, homeowners prefer this type of faucet in smaller spaces like bathrooms, but they may also be appropriate for some kitchen remodeling projects in Manheim as well.

3. Widespread Mount Faucet

Widespread mount faucets are actually very similar in construction to single-hole faucets. They too require only one hole piping but are, however, built to be better suited for larger spaces. Most single-hole faucets knobs and spouts are placed close together, whereas widespread mount faucets have elements nearly twice as far apart. This would mean a bigger and much more functional sink for your Manheim kitchen remodeling project.

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