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Cabinet Refacing for Your York Kitchen Remodeling Project

York kitchen remodelingAre you planning to update your kitchen this fall? Don’t assume you have to completely replace the cabinets in order to change the way it looks. If your kitchen needs a facelift but you don’t intend to alter the layout, cabinet refacing may be the perfect home remodeling venture for you. Refacing works best when you want to change the appearance of your cabinets without replacing the actual box units. Your contractor can help you pick new cabinet doors and drawer fronts instead! Here are several great reasons you should consider cabinet refacing for your York kitchen remodeling project.

1. Updated Appearance

You don’t have to gut and replace everything in order to improve the overall aesthetic of your kitchen. In fact, if your current cabinets are functionally sound, there’s absolutely no reason to get rid of them. Changing the facings on your cabinets, as well as the hardware, actually makes a huge impact. This makes it a great option for your kitchen remodeling project in York.

2. Affordable Home Improvement

Because refacing doesn’t impact the cabinet boxes, you can save a significant amount of money. Not only do new cabinets cost money, but the labor required to remove the old ones and replace them can add up fast. Opting for cabinet refacing for your York kitchen remodeling project can save you up to 50%. Planning a bathroom remodel soon? Refacing your cabinets works for bathrooms too!

3. Fast Installation

It’s extremely difficult to live without the use of your kitchen, but it’s impossible to use the space during a renovation. This is something many homeowners struggle with, highlighting yet another benefit of cabinet refacing. It takes contractors far less time to reface the cabinets during your kitchen remodeling project in York. Often this process will give you access to your space again after only a few days.

Think Cabinet Refacing is Right for Your Kitchen Remodeling Project in York?

Do you think cabinet refacing is right for your home? If so, it’s time to start discussing your York kitchen remodeling project with a professional. Begin today by contacting DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Elizabethtown to schedule an appointment. Find out more about our business, the services we offer, and our free consultation offer by visiting our website. Call (717) 340–9330 today to speak with a professional contractor about your kitchen remodeling project in York!

Edited by Justin Vorhees

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